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FUE Devices for Hair Transplant:

FUE Devices for Hair Transplant: Which One is Best?


Follicular unit extraction, also known as FUE, is rapidly becoming the primary method for hair transplantation in the USA and overseas. It is replacing the old method called FUT (follicular unit transplantation) because of numerous advantages including no linear scar,no sutures, less pain, and less risk of permanent scalp numbness amongst others.


Patients research the various devices that use the FUE method online and are often confused about the differences amongst them. They often ask me during the consultation which device is best?


I educate my patients about how the FUE method works. All the devices on the market use a tiny punch, often less than a millimeter in diameter, to individually extract each follicular unit which contains the hair follicle. The follicles are then transplanted into the areas of hair loss,and the harvested area is allowed to heal without stitches.


The oldest device for FUE is a manual or handheld instrument. It involves the use of a small sharp punch which is manually twisted into the scalp to isolate the hair follicle. Then, the follicle is lifted from the scalp with small tweezers and divided sharply with small scissors. Each graft is harvested in this manner which is quite laborious and time consuming.


Today, new technological advances have resulted in semiautomatic devices which harvest the follicular units using a machine driven punch that both isolates and extracts the follicular unit into a sterile container which is bathed with saline. Graft removal is much faster and accurate, shortening the transplant procedure time and enhancing graft survival. Neograft and Smart Graft are the two FUE devices which are semiautomatic; the Artas device is robotic.


I always advise patients to choose the hair restoration practice and not the device. Results are based upon the experience and expertise of the hair restoration team; it is not the device which matters most but who is operating it. The busiest practices usually have a full time dedicated hair restoration team which is involved exclusively in restoration procedures. These are highly skilled professionals who are focused on hair replacement procedures on a frequent basis, several times each week.



Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS

Triple-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon